frequently Asked Questions

NRAD clients have different needs, so NRAD customizes the Turnaround Times (TATs) to meet those needs. In outpatient imaging, STAT Reports are returned within 1 hour of being received, while Routine Reports are returned within 24 hours.

No. NRAD’s PACS system can interface with a client’s existing EHR/RIS to deliver the report directly over HL7. Another option would be to receive the report via automatic fax or email as soon as the report is completed. We also have a portal where clients can access and download / print reports from their secure study list. For additional information, view our common workflow diagram.

Establishing a VPN is the most preferred method of connectivity. If this cannot be done, we will work with the client’s facility or health system to identify an alternative solution that best meets their capabilities and needs. Visit this page for additional infrastructure information.

NRAD’s PACS system can interface with a client’s existing EHR/RIS to deliver the report directly over HL7. Another option would be to receive the report via automatic fax or email as soon as the report is completed. We also have a portal where clients can access and download / print reports from their secure study list.

NRAD has close relationships with all clients we service. We have a seamless method of receiving those requests from the sending facility, connecting our Radiologists with the Referring, and following up with the client to let you know that the call is complete and, when it applies, any pertinent details.

NRAD offers many on-site services, including contrast coverage, breast biopsies, medical directorship, and supervision of radiology technicians for positioning and technique. In addition, we provide infrastructure management and data storage solutionsMQSA reporting, and compliance management.

NRAD Robb Circle Headhost

Robb Kolb, MBA

Founding Business Partner, CEO

Mr. Robb Kolb brings over two decades of leadership expertise in the business aspects of healthcare. Throughout his career, he has been recognized as a transformational leader, driving significant improvements in client satisfaction and fostering positive employee cultures across various management roles.

Robb holds a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) and a Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Anderson University, underscoring his solid academic foundation in business management. His educational background complements his extensive practical experience in healthcare leadership, where he has consistently demonstrated strategic acumen and a commitment to organizational excellence.

With a focus on creating cultures of satisfaction both for clients and employees, Robb Kolb continues to contribute to the advancement and success of healthcare organizations through his visionary leadership and management capabilities.
NRAD Doris Malaney circle headshot

Doris Malaney

Operations Manager

Doris, a valuable addition to NRAD since 2020, brings five years of experience from a Level I Trauma Center in the Pediatric Emergency Department. Her exceptional performance led to her promotion to Operations Manager in 2022. In this role, she leads a team of Operations Specialists, ensuring clients and radiologists receive top-notch service in study turnaround times, addendums, diagnostic services, positive findings communication, and more. 

Her commitment to the servant leadership model, often lacking in larger organizations, is a testament to her dedication and the values NRAD upholds.

Doris enjoys spending time with her family and two Golden Retrievers in her spare time.

NRAD Lydia Chastain circle headshot

Lydia Chastain

Chief Financial Officer

Lydia Chastain has over five years of experience overseeing finance in the healthcare environment, joining NRAD’s finance team in 2017. She earned an undergraduate degree in business administration and a master’s in organizational leadership from Anderson University. Lydia is passionate about maintaining excellent relationships with internal and external stakeholders, including vendors, clients, and employees. She utilizes a servant leadership model and believes that her purpose in the organization is to serve and empower her staff, maintain timely vendor payments, and ensure the organization’s finances are managed to position NRAD for health, growth, and the ability to serve our communities. Lydia is married to her high school sweetheart and is a devoted mother to two daughters. In addition, she enjoys spending time cooking, gardening, and hiking with her family.

NRAD Stephanie Belk Circle Headshot

Stephanie Belk

Clinical Manager

Stephanie Belk joined NRAD in January 2014 with a robust background in radiology, gained through her work in hospital and outpatient clinical settings. Her experience paved the way for her promotion to Clinical Manager in January 2015. In her current role, Stephanie excels in leading the clinical department, utilizes the skills of her team in maximizing radiologist efficiencies, and ensuring high-quality, timely delivery of radiology reports.

Outside of work, Stephanie has a rich array of interests. She enjoys spending quality time with her husband and daughter and also finds relaxation and enjoyment in gardening, fishing, swimming, kayaking, baking, and weight-lifting activities. These hobbies reflect a diverse range of interests, showcasing her passion for outdoor and creative activities.

NRAD Caleb Bryant circle Headshot

Caleb Bryant

Director of Client & Physician Relations

Caleb’s career trajectory within NRAD is a testament to his dedication and adaptability.  Caleb joined NRAD in December 2019 as an Operations Specialist, was promoted to Operations Manager, and transitioned to his current role in April 2022. In this role, Caleb excels in overseeing Physician recruitment, supporting NRAD’s Physicians and Clients as a liaison, and managing other projects related to Physician and Operational / Clinical services. His extensive background in hospital and clinical settings, particularly in Perioperative Services and Pathology, has equipped him well for these responsibilities. 

His commitment to developing and implementing processes tailored to customer needs reflects his proactive approach to enhancing operational efficiency at NRAD. Caleb enjoys golfing, playing music, and, most importantly, spending quality time with his family.

NRAD Tom Ambrose circle Headshot

Tom Ambrose

Chief Information Officer

Mr. Ambrose has been in IT since 2009. With NRAD, Tom leads the IT team and administrates company IT systems while supporting clients and designing NRAD’s future IT architecture. He also oversees the information technology strategy and develops goals for the IT department.

NRAD Darrin Doge circle Headshot

Darrin Dodge

Executive Director
Business Development

Darrin brings a wealth of experience and a deeply personal connection to the radiology field, driven by his father’s battle with cancer and subsequent introduction to diagnostic imaging technology in 2005. Since then, he has excelled in business development, customer retention, and marketing within the radiology industry. Before his focus in radiology, Darrin held leadership roles in staffing and HR, where he significantly grew market share and expanded into new communities, achieving impressive annual growth rates.

At NRAD, Darrin leads customer growth, retention, profitability, marketing, and promotion initiatives. His consultative approach and gifted networking skills have fostered enduring relationships with radiology groups, imaging centers, multispecialty clinics, hospitals, and industry professionals over his 20-year tenure. He advocates for his team and embodies the values of competence, collegiality, community, kindness, and respect.

Darrin enjoys a dynamic personal life outside of work in greater Nashville, TN, and East Lansing, MI, with his wife, children, two dogs, and a granddog. His hobbies include bicycling, music, CrossFit, scuba diving, hiking, and cheering for MSU Football. Despite admitting his golf game needs improvement, he’s actively working on it.

For practices or facilities considering changes or additions in teleradiology support, Darrin welcomes you to schedule a meeting to explore how NRAD can effectively support your needs. His dedication and expertise make him a valuable partner in navigating radiology solutions tailored to your requirements.

NRAD Melanie Humphries Circle Headshot

Melanie Humphries

Chief Operating Officer

Melanie, a cornerstone of NRAD since its inception in 2013, has been instrumental in developing our current departments and processes. Her influence extends beyond these structures, as she has played a key role in shaping the leaders who have joined NRAD over the years.  Melanie’s commitment to the long-standing relationships she has formed with our Staff, Radiologists, Clients, and Vendors is a testament to her dedication. She oversees 4 Departments (Clinical, Operations, IT, and Credentialing), ensuring that we maintain our unique culture of radiology with personality—Melanie’s B.A. degree from Clemson University and her past careers as a Juvenile Probation Officer and Mentor Coordinator have uniquely prepared her for her role in Radiology. Melanie enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, and music in her free time.